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Tasha's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

In the summer of 2002, my daughter and I started to volunteer to be dog handlers with Pet Pro Life. One day as we were getting ready to leave, a family came in with a one year old Corgi-Terrier mix that barked and whined incessantly. The family was in tears, as they had no choice but to give their dog away. We were asked if we would foster her. We agreed, but because we had never fostered a dog before, we were afraid she might be too much for us. Upset to see her family leave without her, she barked and cried and pulled on her leash trying to follow them to their car. We took her home and showed her around our house. We introduced her to the rest of our family and to our dog Smokey. She settled right in, even sleeping in my daughter's bed.

We fostered her for about a month, taking her every weekend to the adoption shows at PETsMART in Fountain Valley. She barked at all the other dogs that passed by until we were asked to leave the store and sit outside with her. She looked like a vicious wild animal when another dog came near her. We were afraid she'd never find a home. She became very attached to us and we loved her so much that we decided to adopt her ourselves. We named her Tasha and now we can't imagine life without her. She's very affectionate, loves to sit on our laps, and is obsessed with licking us. She likes to go for car rides, and loves to chase the light from a flashlight.

Since then, we've fostered about ten other dogs and Tasha gets along great with all of them. However, she seems to like male dogs best, especially her "brother," Smokey, and our favorite foster dog, Monte, who is three times her size!

Your friend,