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Rocky's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

This letter is to thank you for finding just the right family for me.. My name is Rocky now. When I was with PPL, I was called Sam. I've been with Judi and her family, Richard, Heather and Kevin, for a whole year now, and I love it here.

My Mom, Judi, took me to the vet to have me neutered when I was five and a half months old. Surprise! The vet said that I had already been neutered! It must have done it pretty early because I was only about three and a half months when I came to PPL. I'm now about seventeen months old and I'm a very happy guy!

The picture of me was taken recently. I've been growing and I weigh about fifty-five to sixty pounds. I just love to run at the dog park. I have my own couch. I used to be in the habit of chewing things up, but I'm pretty much over that chewing phase! Last fall my Mom took me for some training , but we didn't get a certificate from it. She plans on taking me to some additional classes so I can learn to be more attentive when other dogs are around. I'm very well behaved, but I get distracted very easily. My favorite things are to snuggle, chase tennis balls and Frisbees, and be around other humans, both kids and adults.

I know my being here was especially comforting for my family two weeks ago when their thirteen-year-old dog had to be put to sleep. I really miss her; I like to have another dog around, so I hope my Mom will be searching you out again soon to find me a companion.

This is a great family and I just want to thank you once again for finding them for me!

Your friend,