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PeeWee's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

Pee Wee here. I just wanted to tell all you nice people at Pet Pro Life that I am having a great time with my new family. Check out the pictures mom attached. My big brother Jake and I are getting along really well. I am loving playing ball in my back yard, and the couch is really comfy. Jake and I like to hang out there sometimes. (no we aren't spoiled:))

I want to thank all of you who helped me find my new family. You are all great and have wonderful hearts. I loved staying with my foster family and hanging with the volunteers on Saturdays. Without you I wouldn't be here today. Who knows what would have happened to me.

Mom hasn't taken me for my rabies shot yet. I had a little reaction to one of the vaccines and I have to wait until my head clears up. Then I can get neutered, the dental and rabies shot. Oh and mom says I am getting a microchip too.

For now, I am just loving life in Huntington Beach!

Forever Grateful,

Pee Wee