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Jonesy's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

My name is Jonesy, but you may remember me as Denny. That's what you used to call me. I was one of a very large litter; there were twelve of us in all!

I'm doing just great in my new home. I love playing in my new back yard. My Mom and Dad are happy that I'm already potty trained. And I don't chew up anything of theirs—I just chew my bones and my toys. I like to please them by minding them as well as I can.

They have cats and I get along great with them too. Every day for a few hours while my Mom is at work I play with a puppy belonging to one of my Mom's friends. Her name is Frankie and she's eight months old. On weekends my Mom and Dad take me to the small-dog bark park. Big dogs still scare me a little bit.

All in all I believe I'm a very well behaved puppy. I'm trying to be the best dog ever.

I love it when my Mom lets me have some peanut butter and my favorite toy is a stuffed yellow duck. I don't bark much but I like to howl and growl when I play. I guess to humans these are funny noises.

I just love to be scratched—all over—and when they hit my "good spot," it makes my leg kick. They call it my "kick-start" and they laugh at it.

I tend to be very timid when I first meet new dogs, but very soon, in about twenty minutes, I get used to them and then I have lots of fun playing with them.

It took me a while to learn to sleep on my new doggy bed on the floor, but now I sleep there okay, although my favorite spot is still right up on top of my Mom and Dad's pillows on their bed.

Thanks again, Pet Pro Life for finding me such a wonderful family.

Your friend,