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Imilia's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

You may remember me as Hilda, but I changed my name to Imilia. I think that fits me better, don't you?

When I was adopted from Pet Pro Life I was only four months old. At the time I was pretty shy, timid, and sort of laid back.

I'm almost ten months now. and I've become very active, healthy, strong, and outgoing. I'm friendly with nearly all humans, and I've made a lot of K-9 friends too with all my activities. I really enjoy my house and I've got a big back yard that I love.

I'm getting so big and muscular that I now weigh seventy-five pounds, and I'm still growing. Who knows just how big I'll eventually get.

Kenneth, my new Dad, loves me so much that I seem to be his joy. We're the best of friends, and we spend most of our time together. Each day when he comes home I'm here waiting for him, and I'm always at his side.

Every day, weeknights too, he and I venture out into the hills and canyons in the Mission Viejo neighborhood for our daily walk. I'm truly thriving on all the exercise I get with my Dad, and the time we spend together is so memorable.

As you can see from the pictures, I love the water. You'd think I was meant to be a fish or something instead of a dog.

Again I want to thank you for finding such a great home for me. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Your friend,