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Cooper's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

When my new Mom adopted me about seven months ago, my name was Dino . Now I'm Cooper, and I'm the happiest dog on the block.

I've gotten real comfortable here with my new home, my Mom, and all my toys. I just play, play, play all the time. To me life is pretty much one big game and lots of belly tickles. What else could I ask for? How much better could it get?

I'm still discovering new things: how nice it is to cuddle in bed in the morning and how much fun it is to swish water all around the house from my beard after I drink out of the toilet. I love to run on the beach, but those waves can be pretty scary!

I'm sooo glad my Mom rescued me through Pet Pro Life. I've found a wonderful home with lots and lots of love and laughs.

Your friend,

PS: That's me and my Mom in the picture.