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Chloe's New Beginnings

Dear Pet Pro Life,

Bow-WOW!! Chloe here (a.k.a. Katie)! That's me in front in the picture.

This is the best! I'm now in my forever home and it is great! Let me tell you just a few of the things that make it so wonderful:

First, I've got a forever big brother, named Hunter, who is just a year older than I am and, as you can see, he looks just like me (that's him in the back in the picture). When we go for walks people ask if we're twins. My Mom laughs and says, "no, but their new-home day is just two days apart!!" Pretty cool!

My forever home must be up in the mountains or something. We got snow a few days after I got here and that was the best. There are lots of birds and there are squirrels galore. Mom doesn’t let me chase them all over the place—just sometimes. We have lots of places to go for hikes and there's a creek nearby and I'm learning about fast moving water. I like the water but I'm still learning about it!

And don’t let me forget the toys!! We have lots of them to play with. Mom is always telling me to put her socks down and then putting some other toy in my mouth. I prefer her socks but the toy she provides is pretty good too!

Hunter really likes to play "keep-away" from me, and I chase him all over the house—he's really quick! I love to play tug-o-war but Hunter doesn’t like it anywhere near as much as I do!! We play with each other on a regular basis and I think Mom believes we make too much noise, but we're having so much fun!!

Well, that should cover it! I'm so happy to be in my forever home and I'm really grateful to all the people that made it happen!!

Slurps and smacks!!