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Putting A Dog Up For Adoption

The decision to find a new home for your dog is never an easy one. Whether it is a change in financial or living circumstances, a new job, or just a mis-match between what you can provide and the dog's needs the Pet Pro Life volunteers are here to help where and when we can. Unfortunately we have very limited resources and are not always in a position to offer as much help as we would like to.

Before any dog can be added to our program it must be brought, along with any available medical records, to one of our adoption events for an evaluation. One of our adoption coordinators will review the vaccination records and do a basic check of health and temperment. They will discuss the dog's history and behavior with you and get the information necessary to determine first if we can help and, if so, any special needs we need to be aware of when placing the dog in a new home. Pet Pro Life reserves the right to refuse any dog that we deem unadoptable due to age, health, or behavioral problems.

Whenever possible we find it best if the owner can keep the dog while it is up for adoption. This is the least stressful option for the dog and leaves our fosters open for dogs where this is not possible. In many cases we will not have any foster homes available and this will be the only option we can offer. The owner is responsible for bringing the dog to the adoption events and notfying Pet Pro Life in advance of any changes in the situation. As long as we have enough volunteers you do not have to stay through the event, just return to pick up the dog if it is not adopted that day.

Whether we can place the dog in a foster home or not you will sign a release authorizing Pet Pro Life to post the dog for adoption and to select a new home.

For more information please contact us directly.