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Common Household Dangers for Pets

Many foods, such as chocolate, grapes, coffee, nuts, spices and others that are commonly found in the average home can be upsetting, and even poisonous, to your animals. The safest policy is to only feed items that are specifically intended for the animal. Letting them clean up table scraps or sharing snacks may have very serious consequences. Small amounts may not cause visible problems but are a bad habit to get in to as they may lead to larger indulgences and there can be cumulative damage being done.

As with an infant, cleaners and other chemicals can be very dangerous. Keep all such products in a securely fastened cabinet or other location that your animals can not get to.

If you have reason to believe that one of your animals has ingested any food or other substance that could be dangerous watch for any signs of abnormal behavior including lethargy, hyperactivity, lack of coordination, diarrhea or vomiting. Contact a veterinarian immediately if you know any substance has been ingested or if any symptoms are seen. Animals are often very stoic and may not appear to be seriously affected until the danger is critical.